August 17, 2018


We started our inquiry into the family of numbers by a coding activity and playing number games requiring us to use the rules of ‘BEDMAS’ correctly.

We revised whole numbers and appeared for a benchmarking assessment. Next we learnt to apply the RICE method of solving word problems in real life context.


Physics- During skill building week, we enhanced our graphical interpretations and graph plotting skills. Thereafter, we discussed inquiry and purpose of our first unit. We watched a video to understand the difference between distance and displacement.  This was followed by the group task ‘Fun Race’ wherein we learned how to measure distance using measuring tape, record time with stopwatch and establish the relationship between distance, time and speed.

Chemistry- We started our new academic year with some skill enhancement activities. After a brief discussion on the importance of command terms, we applied our understanding to solve variety of application-based and analytical questions. Thereafter we started the new unit ‘Building Blocks’ with key concept, global context, statement of inquiry and the inquiry questions. We enjoyed the starter activity for the unit wherein we discussed few examples of types of changes and categorized them as physical and chemical change by comparing their characteristic features. We discussed and learnt the physical and chemical properties of materials.

Biology- We reviewed the scientific method to enhance our understanding about designing, investigating, analyzing and evaluating investigations and data in science. This method also helps us formulate questions that we want to find the answers for.

We learned about the types of variables with examples. Thereafter we learned about note making and summarizing skills using the video on cellular organization and completed the given graphic organizer. Next we started the unit ‘Building Blocks’ with a discussion on the global context, key concept and the related concepts.

Language and literature

The academic year began with activities that helped us revise our prior learning and comprehend command terms. We reiterated the global contexts, key concepts and related concepts for Language and Literature. Since report writing is a skill we will learn during our first unit, we browsed through HT Pace, the newspaper we receive at school, and established the format of a report. We were, subsequently, introduced to the inverted pyramid format as an organizer for arranging our thoughts. We are in the process of reporting the school senate elections as our first report writing task.

Individuals & societies

We began the new academic session with exciting and engaging activities that helped us revise our prior learning and skills. We associated Global context with the given article on a volcanic eruption. We further discussed the pros and cons of staying around the volcanic area.  We collaboratively created the statement of inquiry for our new topic ‘Natural Disasters and Sustainability’. 

Language acquisition

Spanish- Brainstorming and scaffolding activities were conducted in the class. We enjoyed watching video on the daily routine of Acustin, a Spanish teacher who lives in England. After discussing his routine, we talked about our daily routine which helped us understand the conjugations of reflexive verbs in present tense.

French- Once again, the excitement and love for French eagerly took us back to our language room where we geared ourselves for learning more about the culture and civilization. During the first week, many skill-building activities were planned and this is how our preliminary introduction to French began. We revised definite and indefinite articles with activities such as ‘Hangman’ and learnt the useful expressions as well as vocabulary to converse in class.  These expressions will help us in improving our communication skills. Our formal introduction to this year’s course began with the theme ‘My Routine’ where we contributed our thoughts towards ‘What do I Know?’ and ’What do I want to learn?’ Lastly, our bench marking assessment was conducted to determine our correct phase level.

Hindi – The term began with sharing of summer vacation experiences and discussion on our areas of improvement for the new term Activities like Just a Minute and Pahchan Kaun helped develop our communication and collaboration skills. As a part of our group reading activities, we read various stories and articles.

Under SEL social emotional learning we made cards for our peers which helped us in understanding each other’s skills and positive aspects of personality.  

Design and technology (DT)

We have started our journey in Product Design with the unit ‘Creation to Evolution’. We have started exploring Autodesk AutoCAD design software. This software will help us create the final sketch of our products. We collaborated to develop essential agreements which we believe will create a better learning environment. 

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

We started planning for the new unit in Digital Design based on Web Designing. We collaborated in groups to revisit and present the phases in a Design Cycle. Thereafter we brainstormed in pairs to choose a theme for our website. In coming weeks, we would focus on the design problem and clients to begin the design process.


The session began with a brief discussion on myths and their importance in our culture. Next we tried exploring myths associated with Greek theatre. We watched videos on the origin of Greek theatre other aspects. This was followed by group improvisations on the relationship between humans and Gods. We even tried our hands on poster making depicting Greek playwrights.


We started the lesson with some interactive and fun activities that helped us know each other in terms of our personal interests, unique talents and things we share in common.

Thereafter, we reviewed the concepts covered last year – staff, pitch names, treble clef, and bass clef. We also studied about the relationships between pitch, frequency, wavelength and tension. 


We are working on different art movements across the world. We tried to critically analyze how art movements leave a lasting impact on the society.  We are researching on the art forms and symbolic representations that characterize these different art movements. We have started making layouts based on the research work and we have also discussed on how to create color symbolic representation in compositions.

Physical Education (PHE)

We discussed different tests to measure the physical fitness.




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